Be Part of Something Special, Make a Real Difference

Join Delivery Shark for a unique community experience. Whether you're a store reaching new customers or an individual earning on the go, sign up to get started. We're all about making a true impact, and with zero commission, you keep what you earn, plain and simple

Why choose us

Driver Partner

  • Local Community, Your Wheels

    Join Delivery Shark drivers to serve and build a hyper-local community.

  • Comfortable, Safe Rides

    Partner with local operators for safe, comfortable rides via Ride Local.

  • Last-Mile Heroes

    Own the last mile, delivering packages safely with MOVE Local.

  • Shark-Speed Deliveries

    Unleash the shark within! Join EAT LOCAL for speedy, safe food deliveries.


Merchant Partner

  • Food Excellence, Seamless Delivery

    Dive into opportunity with Eat Local, connecting with hungry customers seamlessly.

  • Grocery Convenience

    Plunge into Shark Mart for fresh produce. Simplify delivery, connect with more shoppers.

  • Retail Adventure

    Embark on a retail journey with Shop Local, providing a seamless experience for all.

  • Local Services Hub

    Dive into the community with Trade Local, connecting skilled professionals seamlessly.